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Yalla! April / May ’23

Yalla! April / May '23 - The magazine for Arabian Gulf business owners and entrepreneurs

Ramadan Kareem everyone, and welcome to the April-May edition of Yalla! magazine. Ramadan is a special time for Muslims around the world, a time when life in the GCC adopts a very different pace. As such the exhibition schedule is mostly empty this April, with events only getting underway again after Eid. In May there are 23 UAE exhibitions to look forward to, with mobility being one of the big themes.

Aliya Rajah shares her thoughts on Ramadan, what it means to her, and how she adapts her business accordingly.

Marianne Page speaks to Freddie Pullen about the power of systems in small business, on the Into The Desert podcast.

We break down one of the biggest rebrandings globally, unveiled by Pepsi on March 28th. And Dan Bolton shares his journey into experiential marketing. Dan is the Founder of the Dubai-based events agency, Be Experiential.

We look at the 6 main inflation-beating strategies you can apply as new figures show inflation in Dubai hit 4.9% in February.

Rasha Muhrez addresses the urgent need for humanitarian support in Syria and Türkiye. She writes about what Save The Children are doing there in the wake of the deadly earthquakes on February 6th.

Corina Goetz brings you a roundup of Arabian Gulf news, facts and events. And Katy Holmes recaps an all-female business trip to Riyadh, organised by the BBG and CBD.

We wrap up with a look at our portfolio, with a landmark VIP brochure project delivered for Rakaa Properties in Saudi Arabia.

Wishing you a wonderful Eid al-Fitr holiday and an industrious May.

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