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Elite Jets
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Elite Jets, a Dubai-based private jet charter company, approached us to design and print their Corporate Profile.

The company was facing intense competition from larger, more established, and well-funded rivals. They wanted a brochure that would deliver much-needed credibility. A high-quality presentation could help the company be taken seriously.

Here’s what we did to answer this need. We focused on several factors that were important to the executive air charter customer. Reliability. Privacy. Safety. And of course, luxury aircraft and service.

We highlighted each of these priorities in turn. We took photographs on-location, aboard some of the aircraft in Dubai. These were supplemented with curated stock images.

There were competing priorities. The luxurious nature of the private jet charter business made us invest heavily in the print specification. But as always, we also wanted to spend the client’s budget very carefully. This was a small, independent charter company trying to expand quickly.

Our solution was to maximise the brochure’s shelf-life. We made sure that the core content would remain current and valid well into the future. And we added a pocket to the inside back cover, which would form The Fleet section. The company had a substantial range of jets, which would change as the company acquired new planes and dispensed with older models. We created matching cards for each jet in the fleet. These detailed the aircraft specifications and made it easy to update the brochure.

To set the brochure apart, we used Pantone 8004 sparingly as a background colour. A metallic gold/bronze ink immediately broke the standard 4-colour mould. We then added Spot UV varnish to highlight all of the images. This gives a high-gloss finish and imparts a rich, vivid effect. Printing was overseen by mecs, at our 300LPI standard. You can think of this as printing in HD, compared to the industry-standard resolution of just 175 LPI.

The result is a brochure that combines luxurious specifications and sensible design choices. Impressive and discreetly thrifty, it gave the client a solid foundation for growth.

Graphic design
Location photography
Print management

Elite Jets is a Dubai-based executive air charter firm.

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