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IAC Dubai, Brochure Design & Print Project

Stalling companies have patterns

Let’s say that you own a B2B business selling high-value goods or services. There’s a long sales cycle, as prospects take weeks or months to consider their options.

There are 2 serious obstacles your company has to overcome:

Fleeting attention

You get leads from your website, which gives people an overview of what you can offer them. But their attention is fleeting when they’re browsing your website. People multitask. They get interrupted and move on to other things. The same is true of the prospects you meet at exhibitions. You can never help them understand the real value of what you do, as you’re fighting for their time and attention.

The problem is the timing of communication. Information flows on the customer’s timetable, not your own. And each customer moves through the sales pipeline at their own pace.

Failing to differentiate

You respond to a prospect who expresses interest in your products or services. Talks progress smoothly, perhaps with one or two meetings. You’ve presented physical copies of your corporate profile, product brochures and printed factsheets. The buyer thanks you and says they’ll think about it and get back to you. You’re excited about the potential sale. Then nothing happens, you don’t hear from them again. You learn later on that your competitor won the client’s business.

The problem here is the substance of communication. Your brochures and presentations didn’t move the buyer. You didn’t communicate the right things to differentiate your company from the competition.

M.H.Alshaya Corporate Profile
Turnkey brochure design and print project

An exceptional brochure can be the ultimate marketing tool

There are reasons why physical brochures are so valuable in selling B2B goods and services. They can help you overcome those obstacles that other mediums can’t.

Hold attention

Prospects are busy and distracted. You want their undivided attention. What you need is a communication medium that waits for that moment. As a physical item, your brochure is always there in the background. When the prospect is ready, a good brochure will capture their attention and interest. It can turn fleeting attention to your advantage.

Good things come to those who wait.

Differentiate powerfully

You’ve communicated enough value to get the prospect’s interest. Now you need to deliver your key messages: what makes you different from your competitors. As a long-format, physical medium, brochures are the perfect tool to do exactly that. You have enough physical space and enough of the prospect’s time to tell your story in more detail.

The stage is your’s to highlight everything that makes you different.

We care. We’re with you for the long haul

We work with you rather than for you. There’s an important difference. We’re committed to the long-term partnerships we form with each client.

"We have been very pleased with the quality and professionalism of mecs for more than 15 years.

mecs is a valued business partner you can count on."

Mike Symns
Business Manager for
Sheikh Sabah Faisal Duaij Salman Al Sabah.

Nayshan, State of Kuwait.

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Forget the ordeal of quality control. We manage every step of production for you, to deliver 1st class brochures.

Rakaa Properties, KSA
Turnkey brochure design and print project for Saudi property developer

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